Short-cut the soul-searching and start living with purpose.

Where in your life does
nothing feel how it's supposed to?

You want to find out how to put purpose back into your life. You want to love your work, have relationships that support and nourish you, and you want to know exactly which step to take next in order to take your life in the right direction. Right?

Think of me as your Life Purpose mentor. I help you bounce back and get on track and create the life, the relationships, and the work you’re wanting by breaking through your life challenges and manifesting your Life Purpose.

Your key to happiness, success & direction.

We need purpose in life. A sense of fulfillment. We need to know which direction we’re headed, and we need a map and a compass so that we can keep on track. What if you already have it though? What if you already have everything that you need, you just haven’t become aware of it yet? And what if I can help you become aware? I can. It’s right there at the tip of your fingers just waiting to point the way.

It is literally at the tip of your fingers.

Through hand analysis I decode the meaning of your fingerprints to reveal your Soul Psychology, to include that coveted and much needed Life Purpose. And then the fun begins! Then we can begin the journey to expanding your awareness of your Life Purpose, realizing its impact and value in your life, and embracing your lessons, and aligning with your Purpose in order to live the most fulfilling, purposeful, impactful and successful life you can.

3-Part So(u)lution

“We aren’t human beings having a spiritual experience, we’re spiritual beings having a human experience.” This quote represents one of the pillars of my practice: combining our Soul’s needs with our Human values for in order to manifest the life that we crave and will thrive on.

Soul's needs

Our Soul Psychology aka your Life Purpose, Life Lesson and Life Path, discovered via your Soul’s imprint on your hands.

Human Values

The core values that we inherit, learn, and develop throughout our lives that point us to what is most important.


Techniques to integrate & overcome our most difficult obstacles: our own Mind and Emotions.

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