What is Soul Psychology? What are So(u)lutions?

Understanding your Soul Psychology is like discovering an internal GPS for your life that tells you exactly where to go next. 

Your Soul Psychology is made up of your Life Purpose, Life Lesson, and Life Path, the elements that your Soul needs to thrive. And I can help you understand them, very quickly, within just a few moments of working with you. How? Your fingerprints. I am a certified IIHA LifePrints Hand Analyst, which means that I look at your hands and use a unique system designed to quickly decode your fingerprints in order to reveal your Life’s Purpose.

Understanding your Soul Psychology is essential to thrive & not just survive in work, relationships and personal and spiritual well-being.

Hand analysis sounds like a fancy way of saying palmistry.

You won’t hear me talking about fortune telling or predicting your future. Instead you’ll hear me talk about a repeatable system of understanding a person’s unique qualities and characteristics that has existed for well over 5,000 years, predating nearly every modern form of personality assessment by nearly, well, 5,000 years, and one that has also spent the past 30 years being revolutionized to meet our modern needs.

And that’s just the beginning.

After helping you to dig down deep to truly understand and see your Soul Psychology at work, I want to help you take the next steps.

If we are spiritual beings here to have a human experience, or even if we’re simply human beings here for the spiritual experience, one thing is clear:

Our humanity matters.

In addition to developing out understanding of our Soul Psychology, it’s also important to explore our core values. Our Core Values and Soul Psychology are two sides of the same coin: what motivates us and tells us what’s most important to us in humanity (Core Values) and what is most important to our spirit, and the purpose that we strive to embody.

Our Core Values are the ideals that we inherit, adopt, learn, fall into, or may even consciously select that we use to determine somethings worth to us, whether it’s a person, thing, action, idea, or… well, anything!

So it is important in practice to recognize and honor both our Spirit and our Humanity by taking value-guided action in support of our Soul Psychology in order to integrate and balance both facets of our being.

We can do all the work to conceptualize and understand our Soul Psychology and our Core Values and rush out with all of the best intentions to live our best life possible only to stumble over our first obstacle, and then another, and another until we either lose sight of where we were going, get distracted by the difficulty, or just plain give up.

Our minds and our emotions can be our best allies and our greatest enemies. Part of our humanity and that human being experience that we’re here for is that we must grow and learn by facing and overcoming difficult challenges. And two of the most difficult opponents that we will face are our own Mind and Emotions.

Cue the So(u)lutions

Integral to the success of any personal or spiritual growth practice is the inclusion of tools, techniques, or teachings that help us to overcome and break through our challenges and obstacles. I call the tools that I use and share my So(u)lutions, because they are fine-tuned to work as perfectly and seamlessly as possible with our Soul Psychology and our Core Values.

In fact, I share one of the techniques I use right here.

Here’s an example of one of the so(u)lutions that I share in my work. 

And who am I?

I am a certified IIHA hand analyst and Life Purpose coach. But before that, I served for six years in the U.S. Navy and seven years in law enforcement. Serving is in my heart and soul, but it took a lot of trial and error before I discovered exactly how to do that.

Before I discovered Hand Analysis and my Life Purpose, I was circling the waters around my purpose, but never quite hit the mark. I was frustrated and disgruntled constantly, always feeling let down with work and myself.

I went back to school to study psychology and counseling but I couldn’t shake the feeling that it wasn’t the best choice either. I felt like the accepted standard in the field for helping people create change in their lives was just… too long. Why should I have to visit someone once a week every week for months if not years just to feel better? To me that felt like co-dependency, and not something I wanted to pursue myself.

Now, that’s not meant to be a sleight at therapy or counseling, on the contrary they are extremely valuable in many, many ways and circumstances. They just didn’t suit me. I wanted to something faster, and I knew it had to be out there. I explored other options and models, and stumbled upon hand analysis, and was struck by the straightforwardness of it. And once I experienced it for myself, I was a convert. I want to help people embrace their life purpose to achieve rapid benefits and changes. What might have taken hours and hours of exercises and exploration (which translates into session after session after session) can be done in minutes, literally, with this model of hand analysis. And then our remaining time is focused on cultivating those beneficial changes.

My eyes opened up to so many possibilities, and I was as excited then as I am now to introduce those possibilities to my tribe and my clients. So here I am, and here you are. What’s your next step

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