Astro-palmistry In Action: The Call For Freedom

I have been wanting to do a short series on how palmistry and astrology work together, so before the holidays I got the ball rolling. Then the holidays hit, and the ball rolled to a stop. But now here we are, back in action and ready to go! So what I want to do is to show you a little bit of what can be expected when we integrate palmistry and astrology. Today I’m going to share a set of hands and a birth chart, and we are going dive right in to look at an important theme in this person’s life.



When I look at this person’s hands, the first thing I see is an abundance of creative, intuitive and emotional energy that is stuffed away without a sufficient outlet for expression. I also see that there is a non-negotiable need to be heard and understood. I also see that this person has experienced a whole lot of difficulty in their emotional expression, as well as difficulty establishing their needs and desires. I also see a special marking–a gift marker–that indicates the potential for radical transformation.

Let’s take a look at the birth chart. We have a Leo with the Sun in its natural sign and house. So creative self-expression is going to be integral to his sense of purpose and fulfillment. There’s also an underlying drive towards personal freedom and power over his own life through cultivating a sense of meaning. But there’s a bit of a catch, this drive for personal meaning and freedom is most likely to develop and express itself in relationships. In relationships there is a natural need for balance, compromise and consideration for others that isn’t necessarily supportive of individual freedom. But a healthy relationship can also function as a support system, facilitating personal growth and exploration.

So if we accept that the birth chart is representative of the energy and circumstances that we are given at birth, and the hands are reflective of how we have responded to those circumstances over time, we begin to see sort of dance forming. The stars lead and then we respond.

The birth chart says: “I have an innate drive to establish power and freedom in my own life, and the key is to figure this out within the context of, and with the support of, my relationships.” So the challenge is how do we meet this need while maintaining healthy relationships? Well, we have two cards up our sleeves. But first let’s go back to the hands.

Now when we look at the hands we can see how he’s reacted to what the stars have presented. By compromising himself, his wants and his needs and possibly stifling his creative energy in the process. What does he want and need, where is he acting on his urges and desires, how is he expressing his creativity? The fullness of his hands, particularly along the bottom portion, hint at the idea that he’s gotten very good at storing, or bottling up, his energies rather than expressing them. Not the healthiest option in the moment, but all of that stored creative energy has a lot of potential once released. And one of those cards up his sleeve is the special marking I mentioned earlier.

See, he can utilize all of that saved potential energy like a battery to fuel his creativity. But to what end? To activate his gift for radical transformation, enabling him to explore and embrace his personal power, either with the support of his relationships or as part of the process of establishing healthy and supportive relationships.

So do you see the correlation, and what needs to be done? He did. Given the challenges gifted to him by the cosmos, he responded initially by taking a back seat, and he compromised his own emotional health, wants, and needs in favor of others. But he found his voice. He found his creative outlet. He found the relationships that allowed him to express his freedom and his creativity, and now is working with his innate challenges rather than struggling against them.

There is a wealth of information that can be mined from a person’s birth chart as well as their hands, but when we combine the two, we create a dialogue between our inner cosmos and the outer cosmos. The planets give us insight into what the universe has in store for us, and our hands show us how we’ve been responding. And when we can start to understand that, we can start to take control.


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