Fixing Problems with Palmistry

In my experience people often look to palm readers, astrologers and sages for advice when something is wrong and they are at their wits end about how to fix it. I see this often, actually! And just like you would if you were physically ill and went to a doctor, or took your car to the mechanic because you don’t know what’s wrong with it, you don’t just want to be told what the problem is, you want solutions, right?

When you have reached your wits end and finally consult with a hand analyst or an astrologer, you expect two things: (1) to identify the problem and (2) a solution to fix the problem.

Step 1: The Palm Reading

In palm reading we look to the hands for answers. A detailed analysis can show strengths and weaknesses, positive and negative influences, and where or how we’re experiencing the problem. That is the first step; identifying and getting to the root of the problem. This can be complicated because you can rarely make a conclusion based on only one sign in the hands. Usually you must look for multiple signs to make any conclusions and a consultation with a skilled practitioner is a must as there are simply too many aspects to look at when forming an analysis and getting to the heart of a matter.

Step 2: The Advice

The second step is the step most often missing or neglected in palmistry. Step two is identifying the solution. I use many modern and traditional techniques but want to discuss the traditional techniques first. Traditionally we turn to meditation, mantras, prayer, yantras or talisman, and gemstones to help fix the problems that we might find in the palms. Let’s take a quick look at them and later I will go into more detail.

Remember that a palm reading is no substitute for professional medical or legal advice.

Meditation and Mantras

Meditation and using mantras and prayer are the simplest, and in many ways the safest, forms of remediation, and they are also the the most commonly practiced. Simply, you are asking or petitioning a deity or planet for help or for mercy, depending on what is discovered in your palm reading.

Yantras and Spiritual Talisman

Yantras or talisman are more permanent and enduring than mantras or prayer, but work in a similar fashion. They are crafted as a physical embodiment of your petition for help or mercy and are empowered through ritual, including meditation and prayer, to work on your behalf. Even once the object becomes empowered to assist you, you can use it during meditation and prayer to increase the potency.

Crystals and Gemstones

The use of gemstones and crystals has become increasingly popular and mainstream. As a tool for remediation in palmistry however, there are certain things to be aware of. Traditionally, due to their nature and permanence, gemstones are one of the most potent forms of remediation when used correctly. Using gemstones in remediation involves selecting the correct gem or crystal based on the detailed analysis of your palms, and any strengths, weaknesses, and afflictions. Care must be exercised in both the hand analysis and the selection of gems or crystals because it is possible to actually create more difficulty for yourself if you over-strengthen the wrong energies.

There are other techniques and tools available and if you’ve worked with me already you may be familiar with some of them. Over the next couple weeks I’ll go over the above tools in more detail. I will give you a better idea of how they’re used in palmistry and what you can expect when working with me. So watch this space for more to come!

P.S. As I’ve mentioned before, palmistry is believed to have originated in India, thousands of years ago. As the practice of palmistry spread to the west, some techniques appear to have been lost in translation, and aren’t carried over directly into western palmistry. In upcoming posts, as we start exploring some of these remedies, I will be focusing on these traditional Vedic remedies, but will touch on some western counterparts or equivalents when appropriate.

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