Go Big or Go Home

Intensity Line

Starting on the ulnar edge of the palm and crossing through the Lunar mount toward the Life line we find a special line. Sometimes called the Intensity line, Poison line, or Escape line, it’s a sign worth paying attention to. People with this line often have the urge to get away from it all—either through travel, thrill seeking, or even just some really intense day-dreaming for the more conservative!

If you’re looking at your own palm (and I’m sure you are) and see this line, ask yourself if this holds true in your life. Have you been feeling restless lately, no matter how busy you manage to stay? Take a trip! See what kind of adventures might be waiting for you! If that doesn’t sound like it’ll hit the spot,look in to something that gets your blood moving and adrenaline pumping. People with this line need something exciting to take them away from their everyday routine, even if it’s just for a little bit.

A point of caution, though. It’s sometimes called the Poison line because occasionally the escape that people are drawn to is alcohol, drugs or other harmful thrills. Unfortunately, it’s easy to get drawn in and carried away by the temporary high. Do you have adverse reactions even to mild medications, like OTC pain medication? The combo of that and this line are a good sign to steer clear of anything harder. Substance abuse and addiction is very easy to fall in to with this line.

So go out there and chase your dreams, literally. If it excites you, go get it!

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