Why You Are Not Your Sun Sign and What That Means

So you’ve read you horoscope for this week in the newspaper or your email, or read one of those viral Facebook posts about what type of kitchen appliance you are based on your zodiac sign, and it just doesn’t fit. So does that mean that astrology is a sham and none of it makes any sense? No. The thing with Sun signs is that they’re only the tiniest bit of the tip of the ice berg, and the thing with those viral Facebook memes is that you aren’t a kitchen appliance. So let me explain how Sun signs work, and why they very well might not work for you.

What is a Sun sign? It is the sign of the zodiac that the Sun was in at the time of your birth. Simple enough. But there are 12 signs, and the Sun takes roughly a month to move through each of them. So that means that everyone born within about a 30 day period has the same Sun sign. And here is our first rub. How is it that your weekly horoscope can apply to everyone that was born in that same 30 day window? Well, it can’t. Sun sign astrologers write horoscopes that will appeal to the majority, but not everybody. And there’s a 49% chance that you aren’t part of the majority!

Here’s another part to the puzzle: Houses. If you aren’t familiar with astrology outside of reading your horoscope, you might not be familiar with astrological houses, but they are another 12-part division of the birth chart. So in addition to the 12 signs of the zodiac, there are 12 houses too, and they are based on the time of your birth, with each house spanning a two hour period. So while you share your sign with everyone born in the same 30 day window as you, your Sun is also in a house, which is shared by a much smaller number of people, and this isn’t likely to be accounted for in your weekly horoscope or in the latest meme!

Let’s dive a little deeper here. So we have the signs, right? Now we have the houses, and the alignment between the signs and the houses is constantly changing, so that throughout the day the houses align with each of the signs. And when you’re born, BAM we note the time, and we can create a chart with everything frozen right then. Then we can see what signs the houses were lined up with at the time of your birth, as well as which planets were in each sign and house combo. We got that, easy enough!

But now another twist: each sign is ruled by a planet. So the Sun (planet) naturally rules Leo (sign). Now remember that each sign is aligned with a house? Well now the Sun is also responsible for expressing the interests of the house it represents through it’s sign (Leo). So now your Sun is expressing one sign and two houses. So let’s follow along with the charts. For now, we won’t worry about the meanings of the signs and houses, this is purely illustrative right now. We have a birth chart that shows the Sun in Capricorn, in the 4th House. So that’s two layers of meaning (Capricorn + 4th House). Now we look for Leo (ruled by the Sun) and see that it’s in the 11th House. So now we have Sun + House +Leo’s House, and we’re only scratching the surface!

So to sum it up, your personal Sun sign is actually comprised of the sign that the Sun was in when you were born, PLUS influence from the house that the Sun was in, PLUS the house that Leo is ruling, PLUS a ton of other information that I haven’t even begun to mention. So why aren’t you resonating with your Sun sign? Well, because your Sun sign itself is only a small fraction of the bigger picture that’s represented by your Sun, and no newspaper horoscope or Facebook meme can take all the factors in to consideration. You’re bigger and more intricate than a couple sentences can summarize. I’ll talk more about this and in more detail in later posts, but for now I think that illustrates the point–we are complicated, and if your horoscope isn’t ringing true and you don’t think you’d make a good Kitchenaid mixer, you aren’t alone. So if you’re feeling disenchanted, don’t lose hope. Send me a message or schedule a session and we can discuss more fully and more specifically what your Sun is all about.


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