Yantras and Talismans

This is the third post in a series on the subject of remediation in palmistry, and this time we will discuss talismans or yantras. First remember that in palmistry and astrology remediation refers to various tools used as remedies for problems found in the hand or chart. In both palmistry and astrology we work primarily with the planets Saturn, Jupiter, Mars, the Sun, Venus, Mercury and the Moon, so these are the focus of the remedies I’ll discuss in this series.

What are Yantras or Talismans?

Let’s start with defining the ideas. Fundamentally a talisman is a magical object used to avert evil or bring luck. Yantras are a type of talisman that are primarily based on Tantric spiritual traditions. Planetary yantras come in two forms: geometric and numerical. Geometric yantras are often very elaborate, complex designs that represent the energies of the planets. On the other hand numerical yantras in the form of magic squares use the numerology of the planets to channel the energy. Since some of these same magic square-based planetary talismans are also found in western literature and appear to be cross-cultural, I want to focus on those for now.

Side note: Yantras or talismans are still widely used in the practice of palmistry and astrology in India and Sri Lanka today, but their use in western palmistry is almost non-existent. However, the practice was in fact retained in Renaissance astrology! It appears that as palmistry migrated westward, the remedies may have been lost in translation.

How are they made?

A magic square is a 3×3 grid where each column, row and diagonal totals a specific number. In a 3×3 grid there are 9 squares. These magic squares are used to channel the energies of the planets to avert problems or to receive favor. Through the use of ritual the magic squares are empowered to work on our behalf. The benefit of these planetary talismans is their potency and longevity, they work on our behalf 24/7 and are not likely to have any negative side effects.

These talismans are made out of metal or written on bark, leaves, or paper. Yantras made from metal are the most potent and long lasting as well as the most popular choice. Copper talismans are the most common but they can also be crafted from metals with properties specific to each planet.

Using a Talisman

Once the magic square has been created you can carry it on you, in your purse or wallet, or placed on an altar. It can and should be used during meditation along with reciting mantras or prayer. This not only strengthens the effects of the meditation but also re-energizes the talisman. You can find the planetary mantras in a previous post here.

The examples below are of yantras based on the traditional numerology of the planets. But they are not the only forms of planetary yantras, nor are yantras the only form of planetary talismans. Astrological talismans are found in a variety of forms of all different shapes and sizes, from small pendants to large statues, three-dimensional sculptures, to two-dimensional paintings, and everything in-between. Across different cultures, belief systems and time-frames the imagery and iconography can and does change. I prefer the planetary magic squares both for their simplicity and for the fact that examples have been found across cultures demonstrating their universality. 

Yantra Examples

Here are examples of the most common forms of the magic square yantras.

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